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Maureen Vargas practies Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
“If there’s a motivating force in my life, it’s to help others feel good.”
Maureen Vargas, L.Ac.

Maureen Vargas (aka Mo) is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who has been in practice since 2001 and joined Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine in 2018. She was awarded Best Acupuncturist by the Santa Cruz community in the Santa Cruz Good Times for the last two years. 


After having completed her Masters in Chinese Medicine, she studied orthopedics, infertility, pediatrics and women’s health, and has been trained by many of the top fertility acupuncturists and Reproductive Endocrinologists in the country. Her practice the highest level of acupuncture brought to the west by Master Tang, Richard Tan and Miki Shima. She is also trained in Five Element Acupuncture which is often used for many spiritual/mental health issues. 


For more information and to schedule, please reach out to Maureen directly at 831-325-2943 or


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine include Herbal Medicine, Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage), Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Fertility Enhancement includes Acupunture and Herbal Medicine to address many of the barriers to a healthy pregnancy. Some of these issues include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Thyroid and other autoimmune issues, age-related fertility issues, unexplained infertility, and recurrent miscarriage. 

New Patient Acupuncture (90 min): $225

Established Patient Acupuncture – (60 min): $140

Child (11 and under) New Patient Acupuncture and Tuina – 60 min: $150

Established Child Acupuncture and Tuina – 30 min: $95

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